MVS Insurance Verification System

Event-based and Ongoing Verification

Real-time insurance verification during events such as traffic stops and registration renewals. Continuous verification of all registered vehicles to identify insurance cancellations and lapses.

Insurance Verification in Real-Time

Instantaneous insurance verification directly with the insurance company.

Connected to Insurance Company Systems

Real-time insurance verification directly from the insurer system through Web services.

Comprehensive Web Portal

Website system access for real-time Insurance verification, comprehensive real-time reports, insurance submission by smaller insurers and agents, and system administration.

Industry Standards

Use of insurance and motor vehicle industry standards for ease of integration with insurers and States.

Seamless Integration with State Systems

Seamless integration with motor vehicle and law enforcement systems. Interfaces with both legacy and modern platforms including mainframe, client/server, and cloud based systems.

Call Center and Help Desk

State-of-the-art call center and help desk to assist system users and citizens.

Letter Generation and Mailing

Printing and mailing notices to uninsured citizens. Customized notices, address correction.

Blythewood, South Carolina